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Kelvin Baker

Kelvin has lived in Waiuku for nearing 30 years, and loves the town for many reasons, but mainly the people. “I have seen the town grow in recent years and the community spirit here is great,” said Kelvin.

Kelvin worked at New Zealand Steel for 20 years and prior to that was involved working on various production lines. These included kitset buildings, roll forming and metal folding.

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Lifting the standards

In his new challenge, Kelvin was looking for a service he could provide that was unique, but allowed efficiencies in any process, but retaining quality, and this was fueled by his love of restoring 1980s motorcycles. After hours of polishing old or worn parts to use on his bikes, his mind turned to vapour blasting.

He was immediately impressed and after throwing those countless hours of polishing to the side he can now achieve in minutes what used to take him days.

This is the service he is now offering:
Vapour blasting – which has lifted the standard.

If it's less than a square metre and 25kg, we can blast it!